Our Story

Beautiful, hand-crafted, and sustainable doors made by real craftsmen in the USA. That was vision that led Randy Hutchison to start Timber & Hutch in a small shop in his backyard. 

With a deep, life-long love for woodworking, Randy began as a hobbyist woodworker, crafting projects and furniture pieces for his family and friends. Over time, Randy's woodworking passion and skills grew and he started exploring the idea of creating custom solid hardwood doors.

Randy quickly partnered with James Smith, Co-Founder of James+James, to bring his vision to life. With many doors made overseas or from faux materials, Randy and James set out to build the highest quality doors, without compromising on style - all while creating jobs for local craftspeople. 

Today, we take great pride in every item that leaves our wood shop and we're honored that you're considering our team for your project. If we can help with any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you and God bless!